Private lessons or small groups, level A1 – C2:

Basics of grammar in writing and speaking

Levels A1 and A2: basic german and easy everyday communication

Levels B1 to C2: deepening and improving the basics and superior communication


Preparation for the certificate A1 – C2:

Exam preparation in reading, listening, writing, speaking

Requirement: specific level completed

Teach to Test: lessons with direct focus on the certificate, although the level is not completed. The deepening will be done after the certificate, if required.


Industry-specific lessons:

Development of industry-specific vocabulary

Requirement: minimum level A2


Deepening in correspondence:

Improve your written expression, especially in the administrative working area

How to write requests, offers, protocols, applications, etc. by mail or letter

Requirement:minimum level A2


Deepening in communication:

Exercise your free communication with the help of current topics, texts or newspaper clippings, etc. Also possible in small groups.

Requirement: minimum level A2


Letter of application/job interview:

Prepare your application file, exercise the job interview

Requirement: minimum level B1


Lessons in Swiss German (Zurich dialect):

Communication in Swiss german: words and phrases, pronunciation and intonation

Requirement: basics in High german